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If we don't have your pet's prescription food in stock we will gladly order and stock it for you.
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Maplewood Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital located in Whatcom County. Our hospital is staffed with three full-time veterinarians, one LVT, and ten support staff.

Our Mission

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We are dedicated to providing quality and compassionate care for dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, and pocket pets. We also proudly provide services to local humane and rescue organizations—Whatcom Humane Society, Alternative Humane Society, Happy Tails Happy Homes, Rescued Hearts Northwest, Whatcom Voice of the Animals, Old Dog Haven, and others. It is our goal to provide high quality, compassionate care to all pets, with the belief that all creatures who fall under our care fully deserve our most complete and sincere effort in preventing and treating disease, alleviating suffering, and maintaining dignity. We also recognize and honor in our clients the common commitment to establish, maintain, and nurture the human/companion-animal bond.


Hero Dog Candidate Prince.

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Prince is unique in that he performs therapy and service tasks for not just one person, but all elders at Shuksan Healthcare Center, where he has lived since he was seven weeks old.
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Now Available at Maplewood Animal Hospital
Class IV Laser Therapy

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Laser therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing process through photo-bio-modulation. Laser therapy is effective in treating chronic conditions, acute conditions, and post-surgical pain and inflammation. Depending on the condition, treatments can vary from a single treatment, multiple treatments, or long term maintenance therapy. Some common uses of the class IV laser include:
• Acute Conditions
• Wounds
• Allergies
• Infections
• Cuts/ Bites
• Inflammations
• Tooth Extraction Pain Relief
• Sprains, Strains & Fractures
• Post-Surgical Healing / Pain Relief
• Chronic Conditions
• Degenerative Joint Disease
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease
• Periodontal Disease
• Lick Granulomas
• Geriatric Care
• Hip Dysplasia
• Feline Acne
• Tendonitis
• Arthritis
Call Maplewood Animal Hospital, 360.715.1430, for package and pricing details.
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“I highly recommend this. My dog is on her second treatment and Maplewood has the best price around."
—Tiff L. for her dog "Annie”

"My dog, Arthur, has been receiving the laser therapy to his hips over the last 2-3 months, and what a difference it has made! Before, Arthur could hardly walk, and now he runs up and down the stairs and loves playing fetch again! He went from needing a lot of pain meds to hardly taking any medications for his pain. Arthur is a new dog! I'm so glad we made the decision to do laser therapy!" —Jane J.


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